My name is Alaina and I am going to tell you why Jumpstart is a great environment for your child no matter the difficulties or easiness you might have with them. Let me start with our story and how my son came to Jumpstart. We live in North Muskegon and were very excited for our son to start school there. He however, over the course of 4 months, was not working out in that environment due to his defiant and stubborn behavior so we went school shopping hoping that we could find a better fit. We found a school willing to take TJ on, but due to his behavior and our worry that he might get kicked out we needed to now find a daycare that was up to the challenge. Jumpstart was mentioned to us by my sister-in-law saying that they were great with her oldest son who had some difficulties of his own at a younger age, and her son who currently attends there who is incredibly hyperactive. So we signed TJ up there and at first it was a great fit, but as his stubborn and defiant attitudes started to come out we had some trials. Mrs. Kim and her staff were amazingly supportive and helpful with TJ no matter how bad it got, and I will tell you it can get bad with him when he would have tantrums like a 2 year old in the body of a 6 year old it is trying. They were so understanding and helpful that is was and still is a weight off my shoulders. My son is now on some medication assistance for what we came to find was his anxiety with his OCD, and thriving in the environment that Jumpstart has set up for the children that they nurture and assist with socializing skills. My biggest help was having Mrs. Kim, a fellow mother and caretaker of countless kids over the years, be helpful and supportive of me while we went down this very bumpy road with my son. I am grateful that we were able to put TJ in the environment that they have set up for the kids in their care. I could not imagine my son thriving as he currently is in any other space.


We came to Jumpstart after a bad experience at an in-home daycare and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The entire staff at Jumpstart has been nothing but WONDERFUL and we are thrilled with what our son has learned through the preschool program! We would recommend Jumpstart in a heartbeat and would be happy to talk about our experience with anyone that has questions. THANK YOU for being so great to not only our son, but to all of the children whose lives you touch on a daily basis!

The Scott Family

We have been privileged to use Jumpstart as our day care provider for over 6 years. Our daughter has built lifelong friendships with both the children and the staff. Kim and her staff have provided a safe and dependable atmosphere since day one. I recommend our day care to all parents looking. We will be using Kim and her staff for as long as they will allow. We were lucky to find them and we appreciate everything they do and provide.

The Sullivan Family

Our entire experience with Jump Start Child Care has been very positive. The entire staff is so friendly and caring. We are greeted with a smile every morning at drop off and sent home with smiles and oodles of masterpieces created by Gavin each night. Gavin looks forward to circle time and is persistent to make sure that he is there on time as to not miss it. The staff is so patient especially when it came time for potty training. I am so grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. We are already looking forward to Blake reaching 2 1/2 so that we can enroll him to the center.


My 3 and 5 year olds LOVE Jumpstart! They especially like doing art projects and interacting with potentially life long friends. Thanks Jumpstart for being a part of my children’s learning and growing experience.

Jake and Laura